Advance Healthcare Data Analytic Services

The past two decades have seen an exponential growth in the number of available healthcare information technology (HIT) applications and their use by healthcare providers. The healthcare industry is evolving at breakneck speed with the forefront of this growth is big data that is creating enormous opportunities for companies to improve patient outcomes while managing costs.

Cylon Technologies Healthcare Data Analytics – Success Story

Cylon Technologies Healthcare Data Analytics is powering the data driven transformations assisted and facilitated by wireless communications and mobile computing. Our team of engineers and data scientists have created scalable and stand alone solutions allowing healthcare centers and retirement homes to collect, process and analyze data on patients.

While the healthcare costs across the globe have been constantly rising, the quality of care provided to the patients need considerable improvements. At Cylon Technologies, we incorporate the current healthcare technologies with traditional reporting data that enables payers and service providers in boosting their revenues; reduce mortality rates, healthcare costs and medical complications.

The advances in information technology have made the process of collecting various forms of healthcare data with ease. As such, Cylon Technologies provides the ability to access and trust data from any sources such as from EMR applications like EPIC to data warehousing environments and claims data-management applications. We have expertise in unlocking the power of your data for a more comprehensive view of your population, patient, network, revenue cycle and organizational health.

Our healthcare data analytics solutions helps in better decision making based on available information (data) that could mitigate these challenges and facilitate the transition to a value based healthcare industry.

  • Cylon Technologies industry leading solutions for healthcare analytics services have the following capabilities-

  • Outcome driven approach that involves delivering business and clinical value by providing actionable insights from the use of intelligent decisions support

  • Rapid prototyping so that business analysts’ and clinicians can communicate effectively their data requirements to development.

  • Appropriate ICT infrastructure and platform that enables interoperability, information sharing and clinical integration

  • Version control and configuration management that empowers data integration developers

  • Seamless combination of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics tools that break down the data volumes into clear reports and charts

  • An access to wide variety of data systems and formats including a suite of predictive analytics solutions enabling healthcare providers in leveraging their data assets and deriving actionable insights

  • A workforce of experts, analysts, scientists and researchers with the right skills and capabilities in accessing, analyzing, interpreting, reporting and utilizing the health data.


Creating an Analytics Driven Culture across Care Setting

Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics is the way of developing insights through the efficient use of data and application of quantitative and qualitative analysis. It helps in generating fact-based decisions for planning, management and measurement and learning purposes. Cylon Technologies believes in the intelligent use of your strategic data resources so that as a healthcare provider you are ready to engage patients, cure diseases and optimize your product offerings. The application of advanced healthcare data analytics is expected to save more than $450 billion each year across the U.S. healthcare system.

Cylon Technologies has emerged as the one of the reputed healthcare providers having developed advanced healthcare data analytics models that is improving the predictability and control of the healthcare business. We have made huge investments in a complete framework for advanced healthcare data analytics yielding impressive results.

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