Why Choose Us

Cylon Technologies gives Application Development and Maintenance benefits that upgrade execution of client’s IT frameworks. Our administrations assist associations with upgrading expense, improve quality and augment returns from their IT applications.

Applications shape the centre of most organizations today. A vital prerequisite for associations, little or substantial, is distinguishing, utilizing and constantly upgrading the right applications that help their business convey its administrations successfully and proficiently while augmenting business esteem. This requires a top to bottom comprehension and gratefulness for the business area, innovation, procedures, and applications.

Cylon Technologies is a global leader in application development and maintenance. We create quality applications to meet your prerequisites and do it within your timeline and budget. When you think off the shelf software is not meeting your every day needs it’s time to call us. We know that each business model is unique and needs special care and attention; then it definitely deserves a one of a kind application.

We create distinctive processes which will help your business grow and put your services and products in the fore front. Application maintenance from Cylon Technologies will ensure highest levels of performance and resolve business critical issues even before you know them.

Today’s business environment is round-the-clock. Application downtime can make you lose potential and existing users. Cylon Technologies can be your business partners and not just service providers. We understand your business and devise customized solutions and make you one the leading company in your domain.

Our services help you create solution framework for the ever evolving technical challenges faced by your business. we define, design, and build tailored applications to meet your requirements. Our applications are flexible, of high quality, easily deployable, and adaptable. Cylon Technologies’ main aim is to provide your users high productivity, quick understanding and increased business value. We try to give you the best out of your existing near shore/offshore infrastructure and enhance its life by scaling it to meet your requirements and reducing the cost. This enables you to focus on your core business, wholeheartedly.

Our way to deal with sustain, manage and improve an undertaking through its complete lifecycle incorporates:

  •  Giving far-reaching arrangements that are a wise mix of development, support and management applications.
  •  Alliant, adaptable and iterative procedures sending deft philosophies of delivery.
  •  Transformative coordinated administration delivery.
  •  Covering the complete improvement life cycle with a perspective to enhancing the arrival on ventures.
  •  Concentrate on building long haul esteem for client through vital associations guaranteeing arrangement with client needs and organization objectives.


Cylon Technologies, with its involvement in Systems Engineering and Integration, offers a scope of utilization improvement/upkeep administrations going crosswise over custom advancement, bespoke advancement and unadulterated turnkey arrangements. Business, like everything else has become instantaneous and ever evolving. One must keep up or lose out. Your customers are not going to wait, which means one must be relevant, quick and up to date. Our team provides a framework of database, reports, and derive intelligent analysis which help our clients see the demand better and fulfill it.


Customer Challenges

  •  Complex and multi-stage Applications prompting inefficiencies
  •  High cost of operations
  •  High work expense, low profile occupations
  •  Long provisioning times
  •  Coordination with numerous merchants.

Customer Benefits

  • Application advancement and mix utilizing most recent innovations
  •  Huge pool of ensured assets and task directors
  •  Differed and worldwide customer base
  • Key cooperation with major OEMs/ISV

Cylon Technologies extend support so that your organization can gain better insight of the market, potential clients and absolutely everything else. We try to provide you clear beginnings so that you know from where to start and how to grow. Our solutions are unique which let your organization discover deeper insights into relevant data. Such advancements let you take a more informed decision about redesigning your architecture.

Our central repositories can hold current and historical data and help you do an analysis of your business alike. You can see which processes are helping you and which are hampering your growth. Optimized research helps you cut costs and use your resources better. With our consultants expertise, we are experts in ETL and provide solutions on the following ETL tools

  •  Informatica
  •  Talend
  •  SSIS
  •  DataStage
  •  Pentaho
  •  SAP Business Objects

Cylon Technologies’ Analytics & Data Warehouse help to simplify and accelerate analysis, like no one else. We let you derive value from a mountain of data. It lets you optimize your services and enables complex algorithms come to life in minutes. We help you take rapid business decisions, without being ever wrong.