Big Data

In the Information Age, data is king. Big Data is an invaluable resource to helping your business improve service, maximize assets, and grow to new heights. The ability to gain real-time insights and give yourself an edge over the competition is an unparalleled advantage in today’s market.

Cylon provides our customers experts who can help you build and grow your advanced analytical capabilities with ease.
Identify and predict trends, know who your customer is and how they think, make smarter business decisions and improve your market share with the help of our resources.

Cylon Technologies Advantage

  • 1. Expertise in Designing complex BigData and BI Solutions

  • 2. Providing 24*7 support for our customer projects and needs

  • 3. Access to our expert Talent pool in BigData and Data Science platforms

  • 4. Expertise in Data Integration, Data governance, Data Quality, Data Security and Data

  • Lineage


Big Data Skills

  • Tableau

  • Pentaho

  • TIBCO Spotfire

  • Qlikview

  • Splunk

  • Hadoop/MapR

  • Pig & Hive

  • Cassandra

  • Spark

  • Kafka

  • Nifi

  • Data Science with Python, R, TensorFlow

Roles Performed

  • Hadoop developer

  • Big Data Developer

  • Big Data Architect

  • Digital Data Analyst

  • Digital Data Scientist

  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator

  • Big Data & Metrics Director

  • Technology – Digital Finance Tech – Data Engineering

  • Big Data Solutions Architect

  • Data Analyst

  • Hadoop Analytics Analyst

  • Digital Analytics Strategist

  • Global Digital Experience Consultant