Financial institutions/banks thrive on meeting the needs of their commercial/retail customers while providing them with exceptional client experiences. With the global cards and payments industry, witnessing a diminishing trend in traditional banking and constantly progressing towards emerging digital technologies. Financial institutions are adopting new technologies and complying with constantly changing governance and regulations.

Cylon Technologies provides a number of card solutions to manage card service tasks with our strategies that would maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expense, and in minimizing risk. Our technology approach with Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ensures resource optimization, reduces upfront hardware and software investment and guarantees high quality services.

Our services and solutions comply with PCI-DSS requirements and ISO 20022 standards as we offer a complete suite of solutions for issuing and acquiring cards both as a service and as a licensed product. Our innovative approach combined with advanced fraud detection software with the personalized supervision of your risk management efforts helps in maintaining your customers/clients satisfaction.

Cylon Technologies card solutions include the following –

  • ATM solutions

  • Credit & Debit Solutions

  • Digital Card Enablement Solutions

  • Fraud Risk Solutions

  • Payment Network Solutions

Our Card Management System (CMS) is helping our clients in offering innovative services and in maintaining the highest customer service levels. The CMS is a complete EMV certified system that manages both issuing and acquiring functions and is a leading end-to-end transaction management solution for banks and financial institutions to capitalize on the electronic payment revolution.

The presence of Nano CMS combines several modules that can be used separately or in an integrated way to satisfy the specific needs of the financial organizations. Our CMS solutions are designed to manage customer’s accounts, products and transactions within a wide range of framework. Cylon Technologies card solutions payments domain include-

Cash Pool – Under this service, we are offering value added services from banks to corporations across the globe for effective cash management with a capability of handling numerous types of bank accounts.

Payment Platform – We have expertise in managing domestic, international and SEPA payment initiations and processing as per ISO 20022 standards.

Message Transformation Engine - We have solutions to convert payment messages from any format to another such as ISO and SWIFT.


Our Card Solutions support the following products –

  • Debit Cards

  • Credit Cards

  • Open Loop Prepaid Cards

  • WPS Cards

  • Digital Wallet

  • Integrated Loyalty and Payment Cards

  • Closed Loop Prepaid Cards

  • Closed Loop Gift Cards

  • Co-Branded Cards

  • Virtual Cards

  • Government Payments

We provide a single platform for complete end-to-end card payment, management and processing as well as in facilitating issuing and acquiring cards. Cylon Technologies chip solutions are based on the following technologies-