DevOps is otherwise called Development and Operations with its essential goal is to change and enhance the relationship by supporting better communication and collaboration of software development and IT team or group. DevOps has over the years has emerged itself as a proven solution for bringing together process, technology, and in automating software delivery.

DevOps guarantees in delivering the strategies and solutions that help clients in maximizing the benefits of their DevOps investment. The requirement for DevOps emerged due to the necessity of integrating the functions of software development, quality assurance and information infrastructure facilities in order to ensure rapid delivery of products and services that meet industry standards.

Cylon Technologies DevOps solutions help you in combining the workflows of different functions and activities right from Development to Integration/Build, Test and Deployment regardless of the choice of your IT platform or devices that you are utilizing. Enterprises need solutions that are deft, adaptable, and rapidly versatile to stay focused on their business objectives.

With our DevOps Solutions enterprises are not required to work in silos. Our solutions are guiding organizations in bridging the gap between Development and Operations. We provide you enhanced DevOps that upgrade your present IT infrastructure by guaranteeing application security, versatility and ceaseless conveyance on-premise.

Cylon Technologies has expertise in DevOps and with this experience is providing its clients/customers an entire range of DevOps solutions/services for improving the work flow between software developers and IT operation professionals for faster development and deployment.

Cylon Technologies Offerings in DevOps Services

Cylon Technologies has expertise in customized DevOps solutions and consulting services that includes customized DevOps dashboards for better collaboration along with customized DevOps delivery pipeline. As a digital solution provider, Cylon Technologies offers unique differentiators that enable you to ride on your DevOps Journey. Our high value solutions by leveraging DevOps platforms include-

Continuous deployment with CI/CD

Our DevOps solutions help you in streamlining development to deploy code rapidly thereby releasing the software reliably at any time. The developers and operations team can work faster with continuous integration and continuous delivery with the available tools.

Infrastructure Automation for creating a smart environment-

The Software development costs and delays can be reduced to a large extent with highly automated, product environment and as such Cylon Technologies has expertise in deploying automated configuration management that eliminates repetitive manual work, yields repeatable processes and creates reliable systems.

Code Inspections and Continuous Integration

In software development process – code inspection and continuous integration - are key elements of a development practice. Cylon Technologies team of DevOps solution providers are capable of providing time tested code, improved code quality and verified artifacts that are ready for deployment.

Platform as a Service (Paas) as part of Deployment Automation Services

We continuously upgrade our platforms to support the entire IT lifecycle by offering modular solutions that are customized as per our client needs and then leveraging on their existing tools and other assets.

Our DevOps team would readily help you in integrating and enforcing security as part and parcel of deployment pipeline and in QA and production environments thereby eliminating potential risks and vulnerabilities. For more information about our DevOps Solutions you can


With DevOps, your key development challenges gets addressed, that includes

  • Test Automation

  • CICD/Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

  • Release Planning

  • Release automation

  • Paas/Platform as a Service

  • Environment automation