Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation involves achieving digital excellence that enables you in focussing your whole value chain for the best customer experience and operational performance especially when Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) are constantly reshaping and levelling the playfield. These digital innovations are forcing organizations to have a relook at their products, services and business models to stay relevant and stay ahead of the newer agile competition.

Cylon Technologies helps in carving out the right plan to enhance your digital preparedness and measurable successes. Cylon Technologies is a partner of choice for your digital transformation journey to push enterprises to be more agile and transparent. With our domain expertise and vast experience across industries, Cylon Technologies offer services that deliver enhanced customer value and engagement across Digital Strategy, Experience, Engineering, Finance, Mobility and Analytics.

The financial services industry is undergoing digital transformation in a huge way with Financial Services Industry (FSI) firms indulged in making huge investments by developing new digital products and services to give their customers/clients an enhanced banking/business experience. In fact, digital transformation is a top priority for the survival of the companies across the globe by investing in the best open technologies.

Cylon Technologies digital transformation services involve a change in processes with open API, agile frameworks that focus on customer journeys, and an emphasis on analytics and data insight all combining to help enterprises in reaching new market segments, save man-hours by automating routine tasks and at the end increase margins. Our Digital Transformation offerings include-

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Cloud Management and DevOps

  • CRM

  • CMS

  • Digital Strategy Consulting

  • IoT

  • Platform Migration

  • Paywall

  • Subscription Fulfilment

  • Social Engagement & Gamification

  • UI/UX

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The financial industry (includes Payments and Banking) is undergoing a digital revolution due to the advent of disruptive technology companies known as “Fin Techs” with financial institutions such as banks adapting quickly to master the new challenges and remain relevant. The financial sector is being pushed to provide modern and innovative services whilst keeping in compliance with regulations, preventing financial losses and to manage cost reduction pressures.


At Cylon Technologies, we are helping banks and other global financial institutions in improving their customer service through easier communication access. Banks need a digital interface that relies heavily on integrations with their core system to enable a seamless multi-channel experience for their customers. Our approach to the digital transformation solutions focuses on-

Customers as a hub to the digital enterprise

Providing end-to-end business processes and technology capabilities that are required to support multi-channel engagement and in delivering a personalized experience to every individual customer

We adopt a tiered approach to holistic digital transformation and incorporate digital solutions required to solve the complex problems in that different tiers.

‘Dev Ops’ and Agile incorporated in all application development environments.

The mainstream financial institutions are rapidly embracing the disruptive nature of Financial Technologies and are entering into collaborations to sharpen operational efficiency and to respond to customer demands for more innovative services.

Cylon Technologies as such is helping financial institutions and banks in modernizing their legacy systems to meet the needs of their digital banking through automation by providing them the enterprise level support and in identifying gaps in their business strategy and suggesting them the best technologies to drive our digital transformation solutions. For more information on your digital transformation needs – Get in Touch