Digital Utility Solutions

The Digital Utility - New Challenges and Opportunities

The Utility landscape over the years had seen stability and predictability as of now it has entered a new era of change and uncertainty. Security threats are growing, regulations are tightening and the emergence of new technologies from smart meters to micro grids is disrupting the long-standing business models.

The utility providers are under pressure as they are in need of finding new opportunities for growth while facing the shifting demand, increasing costs and more regulations. In other words, they need to get “smart” to keep up with their customer/client expectations, technology and their competitors. In short – the utility service providers need to switch on to digital technologies.

To thrive in this new era of digital technologies, utility service providers need to invest heavily in more efficient, automated and resilient energy grids. Cylon Technologies understands the key challenges that include managing steeply rising costs, tackling cyber security threats and building new data driven business models and as such offers a suite of comprehensive IT solutions for the utility sector enabling companies in optimizing their operations and improving their profitability.

Cylon Technologies is helping electricity, gas and water supply enterprises in unleashing the power of digital in order to boost their bottom line and thereby providing greater benefits to customers and employees.

From personalized services to smart, connected infrastructure, digital utility solutions are redefining the nature of utility and transforming businesses by bringing in new potentialities to engage with customers, manage assets and employees.

Cylon Technologies digital utility solutions address the complexity of operations as well as the rich functionalities of mobile communication devices and utility network equipment. Our online portals facilitate remote collaboration while supporting Bring your own device (BOYD) programs. Our data fuelled solutions for utility sector help in leveraging data to forecast, manage equipment, detect fraud, reduce hazards and improve services.

Our connected-grid technologies are offering utility sector a broad platform for innovation, helping them unlock the power of latest iterations of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Cylon Technologies team of digital utility experts work with you to create a vision and chart a path of digital transformations. We equip you to start projects immediately that ladder up to your long-term strategic goals.

Our digital utility solutions are enabling utility firms across the globe in becoming more agile through our continuous innovation and domain led approach by our team of experienced professionals from utility domain that brings-in hands on experience in utility operations and implementation of metering systems, solutions and large-scale information technology transformation projects.


Cylon Technologies End-to-End Solutions for Digital Utility include-

  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Content Management

  • Social Collaboration

  • Field Force Automation

  • Mobile Workforce Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Smart Grid Gateway

  • Customer Self-service

  • Master Data Management

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Quotations Management

  • Operational Device Management

  • Network Management Systems

With extensive experience in designing utility specific solutions and rich history in data process management – Cylon Technologies can help you in meeting the challenges of cost containment in the utility sector. We have expertise in integrating digital solutions with legacy ERP applications, enterprise data systems, SCADA, the fleet telematics and inventory databases. We are always ready to help lead our customers in the utility sector into a new future. For more information contact us -