Digital Energy Solutions

Energy Flexibility and New Technologies Empowers the Future Energy Market

The digital energy market is becoming even more complex and challenging with energy and utility companies facing a level of disruption not seen in decades with new cash rich competitors entering the energy and utilities arena.

With the new energy storage technologies rapidly becoming industrialized, energy flexibility will be the new mantra in a substantially changing market. The decentralized and sustainable energy supply systems will fundamentally change industry and its business models.

Cylon Technologies is your partner in implementing digital energy solutions for the smart digitalization of your energy supply and in implementing applicable solutions when it comes to the question of how to integrate the energy sectors of electricity, heat and mobility thereby helping you in developing long-terms strategies for an interaction between demand and supply.

Cylon Technologies offers energy solutions from a variety of sources and combines intelligent software and IT systems with individually tailored hardware offerings across the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility for different consumer groups.

At Cylon Technologies, digital transformation is not just a concept but involves real world solutions for real world results. A customer mindset is at the foundation of what we do and you can place trust on our digital energy solutions team that is highly skilled and deeply committed to your success and in working together with you in every step of the way.

Cylon Technologies IT systems and software solutions guide energy and utility companies as they master these market shifts and technology triggered trends. The energy landscape is going to change more over the next decades than it did in the previous centuries.

The energy sector will require innovative digital power solutions in the coming years and as such, success in this new digital power era will require adaptation, innovation, and leadership with the energy companies of the future would be more predictive, prescriptive and fully autonomous.

Cylon Technologies is ready to help in reaching these goals with digital energy solutions that helps in harnessing the potential of an entire connected system. We provide a secure, scalable foundation that enables the energy companies in easily connecting with their ecosystems and tie production to demand with immediate effect. With our solutions, the utility grids can control costs and demonstrate value to customer and regulators.

The key digital energy solutions and offerings of Cylon Technologies are based on our years of work experience with leading energy and utility companies. These solutions comprise of proven methodologies, assets and frameworks to ensure successful outcomes in the areas such as-

  • Customer Experience Management

  • Smarter Utilities

  • Energy Management

  • Transmission & Distribution (T & D) Business Improvement

  • Digital Grid Solutions

Our Digital Energy solutions take the best practices from the leading standard authorities and integrating them into our comprehensive, layered approach to security that provides a solid defence-in-depth strategy. For more information on our Digital Energy solutions – Contact Us


Our End-to-End Digital Energy Solutions include-

  • Solving the challenges of grid transformation with an integrated and interoperable digital grid management system

  • Leveraging digital energy solutions to bridge the gap between predictive and prescriptive by connecting traditionally soloed systems and providing integrated workflows delivered through a brilliant UX/UI

  • Accelerating the digital industrial transformation to an autonomous future that connects in new ways of leveraging data across the enterprises using advanced analytics, machine learning, AI while remaining flexible on the edge and in the cloud.