EHR Consulting Services

EHRs or Electronic Health Records first appeared in the 1960s and as of now over two-thirds of physicians across the United States of America have adopted electronic health records as a result of the Meaningful Use incentive program. The number of physicians or doctors using EHR system increased from 18% in 2001 to 57% in 2011.

At Cylon Technologies, we position you for EHR success from selecting to optimizing your electronic health records system that has profoundly impacted the healthcare industry through an exponential increase in the amount of data that is now available to clinicians.

Cylon Technologies leverage the EHR database not only for quality improvement and safety but also for creating custom solutions. Choosing and implementing EHR is a cumbersome task and as such our EHR consulting services is remarkable with our team of EHR Consultants having expertise in all aspects of EHR planning and implementation life cycle.

With the importance of Electronic Health Records there is a rise in EHR consulting service providers like Cylon Technologies as we strive hard in ensuring EHR optimization driving improvement in areas such as patient engagement, clinical workflow, care coordination and lower operational costs.

Our EHR Consultants have expertise in offering services to help healthcare providers transition with the shift towards internally developed interdisciplinary strategies with a focus on system wide financial and clinical outcome improvements. Cylon Technologies team of EHR consultants has expertise in using technology to create a competitive advantage for the healthcare services of the future.

Our EHR Consulting solutions offers a comprehensive solution for HIPAA compliance with our consultants fine tuning the best techniques of EHR systems by adopting simple methodologies in their work process and in resourcing models that are flexible and solution oriented.

We are proud to say that a large number of healthcare providers are leaning more on our team of EHR Consultants rather than on vendors who supplied them EHR systems as our EHR Consultants are more reliable and best persons to design and tell them what the systems can do. Our expert EHR Consultants can give providers the leverage in working with vendors as they know what to expect and how to anticipate the potential pitfalls ahead.

The vast majority of health IT consulting space is EHR centric. Cylon Technologies help you with all facets of implementing, optimizing, supporting and revisiting our EHR programs. We are always open to collaborations with industry partners to offer benefits to medical associations, healthcare vendors, and healthcare providers including billing companies who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions and to help them in internally developing their strategies with a focus on system wide clinical and financial improvements. For more information about our EHR Consulting Services – contact us today to find out how EHR consulting solutions can help your practice.


Our EHR Service Lines and Support Services - An Overview

With the healthcare industry moving to a digital hospital model, the adoption of EHR systems among non-federal acute care hospitals in the United States has increased more than fivefold over a decade.

Cylon Technologies has a proven track record when it comes to collaborating with clients in realizing the return on investment related to Electronic Health Record conversion. Our best practice revenue cycle strategies are applicable to all phases of system adoption from platform selection to post live optimization. Drawing in practice based experience in meeting the needs of the providers and practices for improved EHR efficiency and effectiveness, our EHR services include-

  • Project Management and Consulting

  • Implementation and Roll out

  • Data Migration

  • Establishing data flow for specialized Registry reporting

  • Testing – Application, Unit, Integrated

  • Production Support

  • EHR implementation

  • Advanced EHR Support

  • EHR decision support

  • Custom Solutions

  • Integration Engineering

  • Product Support and Training

  • Go live and Post live support