Energy & Utilities

Cylon Technologies is your partner in implementing digital energy solutions for the smart digitalization of your energy supply and in implementing applicable solutions when it comes to the question of how to integrate the energy sectors of electricity, heat and mobility thereby helping you in developing long-terms strategies for an interaction between demand and supply.

Cylon Technologies offers energy solutions from a variety of sources and combines intelligent software and IT systems with individually tailored hardware offerings across the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility for different consumer groups.

At Cylon Technologies, digital transformation is not just a concept but involves real world solutions for real world results. A customer mindset is at the foundation of what we do and you can place trust on our digital energy solutions team that is highly skilled and deeply committed to your success and in working together with you in every step of the way.


Digital Energy

The digital energy market is becoming even more complex and challenging with energy and utility companies facing a level of disruption not seen in decades with new cash rich competitors entering the energy and utilities arena.



Electrical & Gas Utilities

Digital transformation is affecting many markets and Electricity & Gas Utility sector is not an exception. Mature companies are losing market share to competitive brands that are offering superior digital systems, innovative sales strategies and agile operating structures. As such, electricity and Gas Utility service providers need to adapt to disruption while at the same time provide safe and reliable services..


Digital Utility

The Utility landscape as of now has entered a new era of change and uncertainty. Security threats are growing, regulations are tightening and the emergence of new technologies from smart meters to micro grids is disrupting the long-standing business models.