Concentration on responsibility and quality results have prompted basic changes in the Healthcare industry. All active participants of this sector must re-evaluate their solution framework and structure. Healthcare IT solutions need services more than anyone else due to critical expectations of the people. One must have a feasible restitution in place to deliver to client requirements. We help in improving customer experience with reduced costs and improve processes.

Healthcare industry can be seen combating numerous issues like income stagnations, competition and government control. The business is adjusting its plans of action to stay pertinent. Associations that find manageable boulevards of development and spotlight on clinical results, exhibit estimation of items, diminish progressing bolster expenses, will be the pioneers of tomorrow.


Digital Health

The digital revolution is not only changing the way we communicate but is also offering us more innovative ways of monitoring our health & well-being thereby giving us greater access to personal data and self-management. Digital Health as such has now emerged as one of the most far reaching trends in the healthcare industry bringing with it a broad array of technologies.




Payers in theory are responsible to ensure that the limited financial resources are used appropriately to create services, provide broad access to the needed healthcare services, and ensure patient safety and affordable healthcare coverage.



EHR Consulting

At Cylon Technologies, we position you for EHR success from selecting to optimizing your electronic health records system that has profoundly impacted the healthcare industry through an exponential increase in the amount of data that is now available to clinicians.


Hospital Information Systems

There is an increase in the adoption of Health Information System in hospitals with the largest share by the application. As such, Cylon Technologies Hospital Information System (HIS) is a modern and innovative solution that is enabling the medical facilities across the globe in overcoming the biggest challenges in healthcare today.


Pharmacy Benefit Management

Cylon Technologies amidst myriad of challenges that are driving reinvention of business operating models due to factors such as rise in drug costs, demographic changes, technological advances, shrinkage in margins and the emergence of value based care is helping healthcare providers in developing and implementing automated, streamlined processes for any part of their pharmacy benefit programs.




Healthcare providers are considered as the primary channel or conduit of compassion in the healthcare sector. The majority of healthcare services are being provided through private companies and in some cases the government steps in with some safety nets.



Advance Healthcare Data Analytics

Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics is the way of developing insights through the efficient use of data and application of quantitative and qualitative analysis. It helps in generating fact-based decisions for planning, management and measurement and learning purposes.