Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Technology Driving the New Industrial Revolution-

The pace with which new technologies are rapidly emerging such as IoT, Robotics and 3D printing in today’s dynamic business environment coupled with product localization needs is disrupting the industrial manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are now forced to change the way they are operating to address the issues like low consumer spending while treading through volatile financial markets.

The increased competitive pressures and globally changing supply chains are posing add on challenges towards the growth and profits of industries across sectors. Cylon Technologies is your trusted partner in driving efficiencies across all aspects of manufacturing value chain from using digital intelligence to fast track innovations in smart connected products to creating simple, smart and scalable next generation Supply Chain Solutions.

Cylon Technologies manufacturing industry solutions are helping a multitude of manufacturers across the globe in building their future ready business processes by leveraging our unique industrial manufacturing solutions model.

Cylon Technologies expertise in industrial manufacturing solutions with unique capabilities around business processes, electronics and in engineering domain is enabling our clients in speeding up their manufacturing capacities. Manufacturing operations are generating huge data as any other industry segment and therefore companies that adopt digital technology are poised to thrive in the present competitive manufacturing environment.

Our Digital Transformation initiatives/solutions are guiding the industrial manufacturing sector in delivering business outcomes that would help in transforming their traditional business processes into next millennial enterprises that are geared for performance.

Delivering Results through Innovative Industrial Manufacturing Solutions-

Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT

The industrial internet of things or IIOT is disrupting manufacturing sector in a big way and it is opening up amazing opportunities for early adaptors looking for a competitive edge. You can reduce costs and gain efficiency with Cylon Technologies IIoT solutions that can help you adapt, improve your operational visibility, address regulatory and compliance requirements and respond to competitive pressures.

Our end to end IIoT management solutions help onboard management, monitor and secure your IIoT use and in running smart factories with optimized production, enhanced process efficiency and reduce downtime.

Modernized Manufacturing Data Centers

Transforming data centers core manufacturing system infrastructure result in improved agility and as such Cylon Technologies software-defined infrastructure automation and modern app delivery solutions results in maximizing efficiencies. Our plant floor communication solutions promote safety by using productivity and collaborative tools.


Security Management and Automate Compliance

With the increasing cases pertaining to corporate intellectual property thefts there is an urgent need for identifying cybersecurity risks and focus on safeguarding designs and data of your enterprise faster and with much more accuracy. Cylon Technologies architecture for security and compliance in the form of Cyber Intelligence Platform is capable of identifying and addressing potential cyber threats proactively and helps in mitigating the risks on time without causing much damage.

Supply Chain Management – Agile, intelligent and intuitive supply chains

Manufacturing industries need to evolve from supply chains to supply chain networks to move quickly, be flexible and capitalize on new innovations. With the inclusion of mobility, industrial internet and cloud coupled with industry 4.0 frameworks, Cylon Technologies Supply Chain solutions can elevate your existing system to provide greater visibility, transparency and insight into supply chain data and processes. Our Supply Chain management solutions are a perfect mix of industry best practices, digital intelligence along with latest cloud solutions that helps you in reducing your manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization and in streamlining processes that would lead to facilitating better collaboration with your partners and suppliers.

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