Investment & Brokerage Solutions – Focus on Innovation and Growth

The reality of high volatility market conditions and regulatory pressures require investment banks and broking firms to have a better understanding of their business, risks and operational efficiency to effectively compete in today’s complex investment banking and capital markets environment.

Cylon Technologies team of competent business analysts, domain experts and programmers offer solutions designed to maximize your core competencies to help you in keeping up the pace with the complex operational needs of regulations and in reducing your cost of operations.

The compliance and regulatory landscape are constantly evolving making it hard for brokerage firms and investment banking companies in maintaining their profit margins. In addition, outdated and obsolete technology is constantly impeding their revenue streams.

Cylon Technologies has the expertise and knowhow in infusing new efficiencies by carrying out many of these operational burdens for you and allowing you to focus on developing your core revenue generating business. Our expertise lies in offering you a package of Front, Middle and Back Office outsourcing solutions across the full trading lifecycle from execution to clearing, settlement and custody.

Our Offerings and Capabilities in the arena of Investment Banking & Brokerage-

Streamlining Front Office, Middle and Back Office with a range of financial business processes that include-

  • Client management

  • Order management

  • Research collation/delivery

  • Trade execution and capture

  • Position management

  • Market and credit risk management

  • Trade matching and confirmation

Technology solutions for reconciliations and work flow management

Domain expertise across investment banking functions by investing in training and certifying our resources across different functional areas in investment banking.

Exchange Operations through exchange gateways, market data feeds, surveillance, trading and matching

Electronic Equities Trading Solutions

Advanced Algorithmic Technology

Smart Order Technology Solutions

Streamline Operations

Transaction Cost Analysis Solutions

The bottom-line benefits for our clients in the investment banking and brokerage sector include increased productivity and efficiency, smarter decisions, regulatory compliance and measurable financial impact. Our approach consists of a right mix of process, analytics and technology through New Generation Solutions.

Our end to end Business Process as Services (BPaaS) offering by delivering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services sourced from the cloud and constructed for multi-tenancy. For more information, visit us at


Cylon Technologies believes in creating value across your trade life cycle with our innovative solutions that support multiple asset classes in global capital markets from trading and financing to post-trade processing.

We have years of experience in delivering operational excellence for investment banking clients with industry needed expertise in servicing complex needs across asset classes such as derivates, equities and shared functions such as brokerage, reconciliations and much more.

At Cylon Technologies, our end-to-end solutions are specifically designed to help your business grow even amidst financial upheavals. Based on the foundation of the process, analytics and technology, Cylon Technologies powers the investment banking and brokerage sector by utilizing our insights and ability to analyze processes at granular levels, defining key measures and performance drivers and optimizing business outcomes.