OMNI Channel Services

An Omnichannel strategy is a multi-channel approach to sales providing customers the access to seamless shopping experience irrespective of the customers shopping modes. The Omnichannel approach involves integration between distribution, promotion and communication channels on the back end.

Cylon Technologies Omnichannel retailing strategy combines offering solutions for both the physical and online commerce and e-tailing. Omnichannel supersedes the multichannel and includes channels such as physical locations, ecommerce, mobile applications and social media.

Our clients by adopting our Omnichannel model are offering their consumers a choice to purchase their products/services via both online and offline channels. Therefore, our Omnichannel strategy is more flexible and convenient for customers to purchase goods or services that in turn is boosting their sales dramatically.

Our New Omnichannel Approach to Serving Customers – Overview

A successful Omnichannel strategy to be effective should be backed by leadership level commitment and communication for success. In addition, a strong Omnichannel approach also requires a deep understanding of customer preferences, habits and motivations.

Cylon Technologies Non-stop Customer Experience Model based on our insights derived from research studies reflects these changes and provides a new model for service providers understanding of customer behavior. Our work is channel agnostic by design and we are committed to help you in talking to your customers on a personal level.

The Omnichannel activities are driving significant growth with an average of 36% growth in total sales volumes in the past 12 months with an expected enterprise wide sales to increase by about 27% and as such today’s customer is increasingly expecting a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalized experience with their service providers which current multi-channel models are unable to provide. Our fully integrated response to our customers is both customer driven and Omni-channel in nature.

Our Omnichannel services is helping retailers to increase their market share with the retailers having a 40% increase in first time customers that represent about 52% of their total sales turnover. Cylon Technologies seasoned team of campaign analysts work tirelessly through our proprietary campaign management tools with data, consumer insights and with our clients marketing teams to determine the most responsive and profitable strategies across all channels and helping in maximizing campaign performances.

Technology remains a major challenge for middle market retailers when implementing the Omnichannel strategy. Our suite of channel agnostic tools allows the Omnichannel strategy to work for retailers at all touch points through a single marketing campaign that is perfected with the right talent and strategies in place to deliver an optimized message irrespective of the channel type.

Cylon Technologies front end and backend teams work together to provide a seamless experience to their customers. As of now, our Omnichannel Model has become a central and core theme for most of the tier-I and tier-2 retailers as they are increasingly moving towards adopting our Omnichannel model to jump ahead of their competitors thereby riding the wave of consumer led change. Learn more about Cylon Technologies Omnichannel Model to get started.


Evaluating and Recalibrating Channel Approach through Our Omnichannel Strategy

Our Omnichannel strategy is helping build brand loyalty due to its accessibility 24/7 to the customer as it also optimizes the multiple sales channels while at the same time bringing in a high level of integration among them. Cylon Technologies is a thought leader on major Omnichannel strategies with an unparalleled experience of working with leading retailers and brands to develop their own Omnichannel models that include adoption of agile methodologies to fuel the speed of innovation.

We aware of the fact that the Omnichannel retailing sector is growing between 40 to 70 percent a year with customers tending to order more when they buy online that up to four times as much when they buy from a single chain retailer. Therefore, our comprehensive, collaborative approach is helping retailers in structuring their strategies around Omnichannel.