Digital Retail Services

The ever-evolving world of technology is not only visible when it comes to business across industries or sectors but is also taking place in areas that were devoid of technology such as in retail which is basically brick and mortar edifices. Enterprises in the retail industry are rapidly tapping new technologies by offering consumers – personalized, real-time digital capabilities that they demand.

Cylon Technology’s digital retail services at the most basic level is a series of experiences that allow our esteemed consumers or clients to easily manoeuvre their buying processes quickly and easily from any platforms whether web or through mobile. We work on every element from the design of compelling Omni-channel retail customer proposition through a clear implementation roadmap and financial plan that helps our clients in comprehensive achievable solutions.

The retail industry is undergoing major upheavals with the balance of power shifting towards consumers with the key to maintaining leadership in this sector and as such, we truly believe in creating “Meaningful Customer Experiences” and collaborating with customers at every step of their journey that transcends both virtual and physical boundaries.

Cylon Technology Digital Retail Services – Shaping the Future of the Digital Retail

According to JDA/PwC Survey – the next wave of change that is sweeping across retail industry is through leveraging digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, robotics and augmented reality to reach the modern shopper.

We at Cylon Technologies have expertise in developing a realistic and actionable retail strategy with both an achievable and implementation plan that is supported by an extensive set of proprietary performance benchmarks.

Cylon Technologies is taking advantage of digital technologies to connect with their customers or clients in a better way in addition to engaging with them across retail channels.

The world of traditional commerce and e-commerce are merging with everything coming together in the form of Omni-channel retailing. Our Omni-channel retailing is enabling retailers to connect with their customers with a more personalized approach.

The PwC Survey finds that retailers in the United States are looking forward towards increasing their investment in buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) with about 51% of them planning to offer BOPIS in the next 12 months which is up from 47% in 2016.

There is a major paradigm shift in the retail landscape and as such, we have implemented a well-developed digital transformation strategy thereby helping our clients in gaining a higher proportion of online revenues than those who had not developed a strategy.

As a major contributor towards the retail industry, Cylon Technologies has deployed software solutions that are helping retailers in making their Omni-channel success possible. We have expertise in enabling social shopping and analytics driven personalization that creates a truly customer centric business.


Our Expertise

We have deep domain expertise and experience gained by collaborating with leading retailers across the globe having offered them a full bouquet of services across merchandising, store and supply chain operations. Our portfolio of digital retail services include-

  • Best-in-class Payment Solutions

  • Payment Terminal & Services

  • Security and Fraud Risk Management

  • Data and Analytics

  • Digital Commerce

  • Interactive in-store experience through advanced vertical solutions

  • Automating Work Flows

  • Retail Stores and Supply Chain Solutions

  • Retail Merchandising Services

  • Retail Digital Operation Solutions

As the final word – Cylon Technologies digital retail services is all about digital transformation and a journey towards a truly customer centric business that would result in customer experience transformed and retailers moving towards an integrated approach to personalization