Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

Cylon Technologies amidst myriad of challenges that are driving reinvention of business operating models due to factors such as rise in drug costs, demographic changes, technological advances, shrinkage in margins and the emergence of value based care is helping healthcare providers in developing and implementing automated, streamlined processes for any part of their pharmacy benefit programs.

Over these years, we have developed from processing transactions to administering pharmacy benefit for health plans, negotiating drug discounts with pharmaceutical manufacturers and providing drug utilization reviews and disease management.

Cylon Technologies has collaborated with pharmacies and payor organizations, large and small to streamline their pharmacy and pharmacy benefit processes. We have expertise in providing a total drug management program that includes integrated pharmacy benefit management services, specific pharmacy solutions and medication delivery services.

Our clients receive customized pharmacy solutions that are tailored to unique needs of the healthcare sector and healthcare programs. Our PBM solutions help in-

  • Improving financial, clinical and operational performance

  • Cutting wasteful spending

  • Ensuring the medication adherence within the selected population base.

  • Network maintenance and management

  • Creating Electronic Data Interchange for electronics claim processing as per HIPPA compliance

  • Provider payments management.

  • Integrating pharmacy claim adjudication with medical systems.

Increased competition in the pharmacy and PBM segment is forcing existing players to embrace a virtual operating model that involves delivering many non-core business functions and capabilities as utility-based cloud services.

In order to add capabilities very quickly, Cylon Technologies offers full services or flexible options with our collaborative approach and competitive pricing models that will help you in safeguarding your bottom line while providing quality driven pharmacy benefits.


Patients Access Made Simple like Never before Through Our Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

Our team of experts has capability and expertise in mining the entire pharmaceutical eco system to predict the market shifts and in delivering insights to help you design and execute the overall comprehensive patient access strategy. Our key Pharmacy Benefit Management Services include –

  • Pharmacy claims processing

  • Drug rebate administration

  • Automated Prior Authorization (PA) systems

  • Innovative clinical programs

  • Customized formulary management

  • Total drug management strategies

  • Reporting and Analytics through easy to use web based reporting tools

  • Superior Claims Adjudication System with access to real-time information

  • Home prescription delivery services

  • 24/7 live customer service help desk staffed with licensed pharmacy technicians.