Property & Casualty Services

Property and casualty insurance helps in protecting your assets or any other property by providing liability coverage to help protect you, if you are found legally responsible for any risk or damage to the concerned property or assets.

The property & casualty insurers are investing heavily in digital transformation strategies that not only help to streamline their current business processes but to enable new business and operating models.

Cylon Technologies has the expertise and technology to help you achieve increased profitability, flexibility, cost optimization and enhanced customer experience with our digitally driven innovations for your insurance business analytics apart from allocating amounts for underwriting and claims. With our expense management and directing programs expertise, we have worked with global insurers by providing them with transformational and cost optimized IT services.

We have in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations of the state, as well as federal levels along with our recovery expertise; allow us in investigating the situation efficiently and in substantiating the facts. Over the years, Cylon Technologies has worked closely with many of the global leading P & C insurers and offered services for management initiatives, policy admin, system rationalization and consolidation, sales and distribution, automation initiation and platform development.

Cylon Technologies P & C services include-

  • Claims Processing

  • Distribution & Marketing for Financial Services

  • Finance, Risk & Regulatory

  • Product, Policy & Underwriting

  • Technology & Advisory

  • Talent & Organization for Financial Services

  • System Integration

  • Global Clinical Services

  • Regulatory & Reporting

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Workers Compensation

Why Cylon Technologies

Our insurance team of business and technology experts are transforming the industry best practices into solutions frameworks that can be easily adapted to the needs of any carrier and help them in implementing complex business and operational changes needed to achieve high performance in a volatile market. Our solutions on Property and Casualty services help you in addressing your business outcomes in terms of-

  • Improved customer experience to make every touch point count

  • Transforming and streamlining every day to day business process operations

  • Optimizing your workforce


Our integrated property and casualty solutions support the key stages of the value chain across the customer lifecycle as well as at enterprise level. The solutions include-

  • Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS) that streamlines the risk assessment processes for commercial lines

  • Inbound/Outbound Data Management

  • Process Automation

  • Escheatment Services

  • Mobile Application and Development Support

  • Analytics and Compliance

  • Claims and Policy Management

  • Marketing, Sales & Distribution

  • Enterprise Services (Human Resource Services, Legal and Compliance, Finance & Accounting)

  • Mobile Risk Assessment

  • Seamless Underwriting

Cylon Technologies focuses on outcomes and as such, we undertake research and benchmarking exercises in identifying trends and in giving our clients the practical road maps that turn opportunities into profitable growth. We offer a complete range of services from pure consulting to implementation and ongoing managed services thereby allowing us to access new capabilities at scale and at a speed.