Evolution is hitting the Retail industry, like never before. Customers today are vastly educated and more connected, globally. They need versatile shopping, customized administration and instant satisfaction. These progressions are offering ascent to a large group of developments around retailing, versatile applications, client information mining, responsive supply chains and other technologies. The way to building up business sector center and position in the Retail industry is to turn into a user friendly destination. Today’s retailers confront an inexorably aggressive commercial center, where customer steadfastness is hard to win and much harder to secure. Rivalry from supercenters and accommodation stores is on an ascent.

The movement in customers’ state of mind toward healthier nourishment and the ascent of digitization has energized Health and Wellness as one of the most grounded development zones for some Retailers. Forte Retailers face expanded rivalry from more complex online retailers, upscale mass shippers and renewed retail chains with restrictive brands.


Digital Retail

Cylon Technology’s digital retail services at the most basic level is a series of experiences that allow our esteemed consumers or clients to easily manoeuvre their buying processes quickly and easily from any platforms whether web or through mobile. We work on every element from the design of compelling Omni-channel retail customer proposition through a clear implementation roadmap and financial plan that helps our clients in comprehensive achievable solutions.


E- Commerce

Cylon Technologies over the years has acknowledged itself as the one stop top rated e-Commerce Development Services Provider offering the best end-to-end functionality e-Commerce solutions. We have a professional development team providing all the advanced technologies in the field of e-commerce that you might need to allow your businesses to grow.


Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Services consists of key links such as Procurement, Configuration, Data Security, Recycling, Storage and IMAC. Cylon Technologies supply chain managers have expertise in designing networks for manufacturers and retailers to enable customer service goals at the least total costs. As such, our efficient supply chain solutions are helping organizations to be more competitive in the market place.



Omni Channel Strategy

Cylon Technologies Omnichannel retailing strategy combines offering solutions for both the physical and online commerce and e-tailing. Omnichannel supersedes the multichannel and includes channels such as physical locations, ecommerce, mobile applications and social media.


Customer Experience

Customers want to be heard in this digital age and this universal truth spans across all industries and markets. Digital technology advancements have transformed the customer expectations making them seek rich, interactive and engaging digital experiences.