Supply Chain Services

The Next Generation Supply Chain Services – A Gold Mine of Supply Chain Data

Supply Chain in simple terms consists of all the business and individual contributors involved in creating a product from raw materials to finished merchandise or stock ready to be finally delivered or dispatched to the end consumer or customers. Some of the supply chain activities include manufacturing, designing, packaging, and transportation.

The retail industry is dependent for its business on a series of supply chain entities that consists of manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, distributors, logistic providers, and merchandising solution providers. Holistically, mutually beneficial partnerships between retailers and their supply chain partners are essential for survival of retail business. Retailers usually occupy the end of the supply chain that involves manufacturers, wholesalers and other suppliers and agents.

Cylon Technologies is part and parcel of supply chain management services with its representatives consisting of those industries that sell to businesses and the government as opposed to business to consumer (B2C) industries that sell for personal consumption.

Our Supply Chain Services consists of key links such as Procurement, Configuration, Data Security, Recycling, Storage and IMAC. Cylon Technologies supply chain managers have expertise in designing networks for manufacturers and retailers to enable customer service goals at the least total costs. As such, our efficient supply chain solutions are helping organizations to be more competitive in the market place.

We have expertise in making simple the complexities of global supply chain system in terms of logistics and technology with our professional and experienced global supply chain management specialists having expertise in overseeing the supply chain process for many different retail companies across the globe.

We are aware of the advent of E-commerce having resulted in the consumers moving over to digital purchases with products now being shipped from central warehouse facilities directly to the consumers. As such, we have the automated Supply Chain Models in place to have faster movement of products by offering our competitive edge, smarter economic flow charts and coeval solutions for an effective supply chain management and logistics.

Our Technologies in Supply Chain for Retail – Impact and Consequences

Cylon Technologies has made significant investments in information technology especially in the retail sector that helped in driving the supply chain with the focus of our consumers shifting from ‘on-shelf-availability’ to ‘on-demand-availability’. As such we have developed market lead solutions in response to its complex needs thereby easing the immense pressure of retailers in delivering the products according to the demand of their consumers.


Our State-of-the-art Supply Chain Services include -

  • Using technologies such as Automatic Identification Technology that includes bar coding, voice recognition and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

  • Transport Solutions

  • Warehousing Solutions

  • Integrated Solutions that combine transport, warehousing and management services

Our integrated supply chain solutions is helping our customers in utilizing information technology tools for their logistical operations, especially for the large integrated stock replenishment systems that control the movement and storage of enormous number of separate products.

Cylon Technologies is successful in adopting Virtual Reality Technology and as such its VR applications in the supply chain are helping in boosting the working capital, reducing the costs and keeping our customers happy with a demand driven supply chain.

Our Supplier Compliance Managers are always on the ground to enhance your compliance, improve risk mitigations, reduce disruption and loss and help you in making informed risk-based decisions. So for more information on our renowned supply chain services – you can talk to our Supply Chain Experts or visit our supply chain services website.